Offers for schools

Drama is an integral part of schools and teaching. Playing make-believe is an essential part of growing up and aids young people in their search for identity and role security. Students demonstrate great attention, seemingly inexhaustible inventiveness, imagination and inner participation when dealing with theatre. 
Drama teachers and leaders of theatre groups will find professional help at the schauspielfabrik. We pick up on school projects and help to develop and refine them for presentation, hereby training students’ self-confidence, social skills and the ability to respond spontaneously and speak fluently. At the same time, students are introduced to the basic elements of dramatic performance on stage.

Dates and content of courses, project days or weeks can be planned in agreement with the schauspielfabrik berlin. In general, they can be integrated into school operations. Learning groups without prior knowledge are also more than welcome to try out their acting skills. Timely contact is necessary.